7 February 2014

How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Google Chrome

1.     Launch the web browser.
2.     Open the web page to save. For example http://example.com
3.     Select the three stripes at the top right of Google Chrome, Check below and Click on Print
PRESS CTRL + P (For the print).
Print Menu

4.     The Print Menu will appear, by the left hand side of the Browser, on Destination, Click on Change.
Print Dialog

5.     A Dialog box will appear “Select a Destination”, On the Local Destination, Select “Save as PDF”.
Select a Destination

6.     At the left hand side, you will see “Print”, Click on “Save”.
7.     A box will appear "Save as", Select the location (where you want to save the file), the File Name.

Save as

8.     Congratulations

Check the Video Tutorial below

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How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Google Chrome
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