26 June 2016

VLC Media Player - Show in Milliseconds in Video or Audio Timing

How to show in Milliseconds in Video or Audio Timing  with VLC media player

How to change VLC video timer to show in Hours: Minute: Seconds. Milliseconds

How to Use VLC Media Player to show time in Hour:Minute:Seconds.Milliseconds

1) Get the Setup for VLC media player v 2.0.x.  it will not work on v2.1.x or v2.2.x. (You are advised to get the VLC v2.0.9). After the Download install the file, by following instruction shown.
2) Go the VLC media player add-on page and download the time extension.
by Clicking on this Time Extension
Time Extension Webpage

3) Extract the time extension downloaded, open the Time v2.0 (intf), there are three files
    Looper_intf.lua, Time v2.0 (intf).png and time_ext.lua
Time Extension Extracted

Time V2.0

4) Go to the location where you install the VLC media Player usually  C:\Program Files\VideoLAN
VLC program files folder

5) Open the VideoLAN folder, Open the VLC folder and then open the Lua folder
Lua Folder

6) In the Lua folder, open the extension folder and paste the time_ext.lua file

Extension Folder

7) Then go back to the Lua folder, open the intf folder, paste the looper_intf.lua
intf folder

8) Open the VLC Media Player, to the View on the Menu bar, Select the Time V2.0
VLC tools

9) Leave the Settings the way it is and Click on Save , VLC media player will request for a restart, You close and reopen VLC media Player.
Time Extension Settings

10)       After restarting VLC media player,Load a Video into the VLC media player, your video should show at the top right hand corner, Video time in hr:mm:sec.millisecond, that is for Hour:Minute:Seconds.Milliseconds
VLC timer showing milliseconds


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VLC Media Player - Show in Milliseconds in Video or Audio Timing
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Sorry about that. Ive tried 2 times to post but wasnt working right. Muy comment dissapears.
Can you please upload the extension to dropbox or similar, there's something going on with addons.videolan.org, always asks for username and password and there is no way to register rather. Thanks!

Thanks friends sorry for been unable to to post comment, You get the extension at https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8a9qsdgaws5g03/149618-time.zip?dl=0 , on dropbox, download and extract and follow other instruction and thus you will be able to show millisecond in vlc media player.

I have updated it on the tutorial, just click on the time extension to download the extension to be used to change vlc timing format by showing milliseconds.

Thanks pal! Tested and working.
Now you may wanna check the comments box, in chrome and edge browsers on my PC it never loads. I'm replying from my Android phone using Chrome Dev app.

Thanks very much, the comment box is now working on chrome and edge. Hope you have been able to change the time settings on VLC Media Player.

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