4 July 2016

VLC media Player - Convert MKV to MP4

How to Convert MKV file to MP4 file using VLC media Player

MKV stands for the Matroska Video.

MP4 stands for MPEG 4.

1)     Launch the VLC media Player.
VLC Media Player

2)     On the menu bar, click on Media and click on Convert/Save or press Ctrl + R on your keyboard.
VLC open Media
3)     A window named open media will appear, with File selected.
VLC media
4)     Click on Add to add MKV video file.

VLC file added
5)     Click on Convert/Save or Press Alt + O
6)     A new window will appear.

VLC convert
7)     On settings, Make sure Convert is selected, on the profile, Select Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4).
8)     Then go down to Destination File, Click on Browse and select where you want to save the converted video file, type in the file name and Click on Save.
VLC Destination
9)     Then Click on Start, It will then begin converting the file, it will use the timeline to move.
VLC converting to MP4
10) It usually take almost the time of the video file.

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VLC media Player - Convert MKV to MP4
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