22 July 2016

How to batch resize many images in Adobe Photoshop

Images are great way to keep history and memories, to share events with friends, family and love ones. But a channel has paved its way with greater form of technology advancement, from DSLR to good quality camera with Smartphones and high megapixel of cameras, comes a challenge of higher resolution images and this images take up a lot of memory space, with the channel of storage capability at play.

With Limited storage available, due to cost economics of not purchasing more storage media. Size of images need to be look into and one of the ways to reduce the size of images is to resize, a process of changing the resolution of images, that is its width and height. Also there are other methods of reducing the file size of images, but today we will be looking at how to batch resize images using Adobe Photoshop. So let begin
1.   Launch the Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop

2.   On the menu bar, Click on File and then go down to scripts and select image processor.
Adobe Photoshop File Menu

3.   A window will appear, Image Processor
Image Processor

4.   Now the first thing to do is to select images to process, Click Select Folder and load the folder where images are kept.
Selcect Folder

5.   The next thing to do is to select location to save processed images, you could either save in same location (by Checking the Radio Button), or Select a Folder where you want it to be saved (by Checking the Radio Button and Click on Select Folder).
6.   The next is to choose the file type you want resized image to be, either jpeg, psd, tiff and then you enter the width and height. (I entered 400 width and 300 height for the resizing).
File Type

7.   After all the settings, you go to the upper right corner and Click on Run.

8.   The images will be resize accordingly (Check the proof below), I got it by going to the properties section of the resize image and clicking on Details.
Property of Resized Image

Hope you have learnt how to batch resize images using Adobe Photoshop, But Adobe Photoshop is not so good for batch resize. You can check out my other tutorialson How to Batch resize images using IrfanView.

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How to batch resize many images in Adobe Photoshop
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