4 July 2016

How to Change the Proxy and Socks Setting of IDM (Internet Download Manager)

1) Launch the Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Internet Download Manager

2) Click on Options or Click on Download on the Menu bar and select Options.
3) A window will pop up.
IDM Configuration

4) Click on Proxy/Socks.
IDM proxy or socks

5) Then click on use proxy, enter the proxy server address and port and if username and password are available enter.
IDM proxy

6) Select the proxy the protocol support or you could select all if it supports all. (http, https, ftp).
7) If the proxy protocol have different proxy server address and port, click on Advanced.
IDM advanced proxy settings

8) Enter the proxy server address and port OR get the proxy from Internet explorer by clicking on Get from IE and Click on ok
9) Click on Ok.

If you want to use the socks connection
1)   Check use socks
2)   Then enter the socks server address and port. Enter username and password if available
IDM use socks

3)   Then select the socks version either socks 4 or Socks 5
4)   Then Click on Ok

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How to Change the Proxy and Socks Setting of IDM (Internet Download Manager)
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This tutorial will assist you to use internet download manager with proxy server or socks settings

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