4 July 2016

How to update Avast Antivirus Software using the proxy server

1)     Launch Avast Antivirus.
Avast Antivirus

2)     On the Right hand side, Click on Settings.
3)     A window will pop up, Avast Settings.
Avast Settings

4)     Click on Update on the right hand side.
Avast Update

5)     Scroll down and expand proxy settings by clicking on it. Direct Connection will be selected.

Avast Update Settings

6)     Check Specify proxy server, select Type either http or Socks v4.
7)     Enter the IP address and port Number.
Avast Proxy Settings

8)     On the authentication, you can choose no authentication, if username and password are not provided by the host.
9)     Or you could choose either Basic authentication (plaintext) or Windows integrated authentication (NTLM) and enter the user name and password provided.
10) Click on Ok and Avast will automatically update using the proxy server

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How to update Avast Antivirus Software using the proxy server
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Antivirus is very important especially if you download a lot of files. However just surfing the web opens your computer up to all sorts of unpleasant things so you still need antivirus software in order to catch anything that might try and come through.norton support 

Yep, thanks for the advise. Antivirus is actually required and more importantly, updating your antivirus is protective. Thanks Kelly

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