8 August 2016

How to backup and import your content on blogger

1.  Launch your web browser, go to blogger and login into your 
Login into blogger

2.  On the left hand side or the last option on the left hand side, you will see Settings, Click on Settings.
3.  The basic settings will be shown.
Basic settings in blogger

4.  When you clicked on the settings, a drop down menu will appear, click on other, it is the last option in the settings drop down.
5.  The import and backup will be seen, you will see Content (pages, post and comments).
blogger backup and import

6.  To import the content from another blog, Click on import content and load the xml file.
7.  To back up your blog, Click on Back up content and an xml file will be downloaded and it can be used.

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How to backup and import your content on blogger
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