25 August 2016

How to Ping your website or sitemap after publishing a new post

Pinging of your website after publishing a new content is necessary and good especially for new blogs which are not frequently crawled by web search engines.
Pinging is an art of telling the web search engines that you have updated a content on your website or blog or you have posted a new content.

Generally to ping my web website, I prefer Ping-o-matic.
Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.
So first of all, Launch you web browser, Visit Ping-o-matic

Enter you blog name (Blog title)

Enter your blog URL(Blog main page)
Enter your blog RSS feed (For people blogger you could check this tutorial where I explain how to to get your blogger feed)
Select services you want to ping your web site to.(You can click check all to select all the services)

Pingomatic services

Click on Send Pings.

Pingomatic automatically pings your Website or blog to search engines and web directory informing of a new content on your blog or an updated content on your blog. Remember to bookmark to the site to easily ping your website by clicking on Bookmark this page above
Pingomatic pings sent

Pinging Sitemap
Yep, I love to ping my sitemap to search engines to inform them of an update or of a new content on my website. I use Ping Sitemap.

Launch your browser, Visit Ping Sitemap.

Ping Sitemap

Enter the URL of your website Sitemap and click on Submit.
It automatically pings your sitemap to Google search, Bing, Ask.

Remember to bookmark the website to easily perform the process after an update.
Sitemap pinged

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How to Ping your website or sitemap after publishing a new post
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