9 August 2016

Opera Mini - Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys

Opera Mini - Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys

Opera Mini is a mobile browser software developed by Opera Software. Opera Mini is a web browser that is majorly developed for mobile phones and smartphones.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini was initially released on 10th August, 2005.
Opera Mini is available for Java ME, Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Symbian Operating System.

We will be looking at the keypad shortcut and hotkeys present in Opera Mini in Java ME, Symbian and Blackberry Operating System every Opera Mini User is expected to know and master in order to navigate through the web browser faster, thereby resulting in greater productivity for the end user.

1.  Down arrow or Number 8
To move down within an opened webpage.

2.  Up arrow or Number 2
To move up within an opened webpage.

3. # + 1
Go to the Address bar of Opera Mini

4. # + 2
Go to the Search bar of Opera Mini

5. # + 3
To find something in a page.

6. # + 4
Go to the start page of Opera Mini

7. # + 5
To add webpage to bookmark and check list of bookmarks.

8. # + 6
To Check Opera Mini History.

9. # + 7
Check downloads or download list on Opera Mini.

10. # + 8
Check settings of Opera Mini.

11. # + 9
Check Saved pages or add saved pages.

12. # + 0
To reload a page in Opera Mini

13. # + #
Move forward in to a webpage in Opera Mini

14. # + *
Switch Night mode in Opera Mini

15. * + Right arrow
Move to next tab on the right.

16. * + Left arrow
Move to tab on the left

17. * + Up arrow
Open a new tab in Opera Mini.

18. * + down arrow
Close present tab in Opera Mini.

19. Hold Number 1
To start selecting a text in a webpage using Opera Mini.

20. * + *
Full screen of Opera Mini

21. * + 0
Single Column View on Opera Mini.

22. * + 1 to 9
To open webpage in home screen (bookmarks on the homepage or start screen).

Yep, these are all the Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys I think all Opera Mini browser user should know and use them while browsing the Web.

Which other important Keyboard shortcut do you think we left out? Comment below to enable us to add it to this ever growing list. Thanks

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Opera Mini - Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys
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