4 August 2016

Vivaldi - Keyboard Shortcut and Hotkeys

Vivaldi  Keyboard Shortcut and Hotkeys Every user need to know

Vivaldi Browser is a freeware based on an open source Chromium Project wherein Google releases large portion of the source code of Google Chrome.

Vivaldi Web browser has the stable releases (Window, Mac OSX and Linux) and preview releases, while the preview releases are in Beta (Window, Mac OSX and Linux).

Vivaldi Web Browser is majorly designed by ex-employees of Opera Software, and its former CEO and Co-founders runs the Vivaldi Browser development.

It is present in the following Operating System (OS), the Windows Operating System, Mac OS X and Linux. It uses the Blink engine, V8 JavaScript engine.

Vivaldi Web Browser is quite a new browser and it is targeted at power user. It has a unique tabbing feature.

In order to be able to use Vivaldi Web browser more effectively, faster and efficiently. One needs to have the knowledge of Vivaldi inbuilt keyboard shortcut and hotkeys.

So now we will be looking at the Top Vivaldi Web Browser keyboard shortcut and hotkeys every Vivaldi User is expected to know and master in order to navigate through the web browser faster, thereby resulting in greater productivity for the end user.
Vivaldi Web Browser

1.     Down arrow
To move down within an opened webpage.

2.     Up arrow
To move up within an opened webpage.

3.     Page down
To move faster down within an opened webpage

4.     Page Up
To move faster up within an opened webpage

5.     Enter
Used in the address bar or search bar, when you have inputted a website or a thing to search for.

6.     Ctrl + T
Opens a new tab

7.     Ctrl + 2 and 3
To move between tabs from right to left. For example, Ctrl + 1, the first tab from the right or the end.

8.     Ctrl + 1 and 4
To move between tabs from left to right. For example, Ctrl + 2, the first tab from the left or the beginning.

9.     Ctrl + 1,4 Next Tab (Recent)

10.   Ctrl + 2,5 Previous Tab (Recent)

11.   Ctrl +4,2 (Next Tab)

12.   Ctrl +3,1 (previous tab)

13.            Ctrl +Z
Reopens closed tab in Vivaldi Web Browser

14.            Ctrl + F9
Tile tab stack vertically

15.            Ctrl + F8
Tile Tab stack horizontally

16.            Ctrl + F7
Tile Tab stack to Grid

17.            Ctrl + F6
Un-tile Tab stack

18.            Ctrl + W/Ctrl + F4
Closes the current tab you are in

19.            Alt + D
Go to the Bookmark tab of the Vivaldi Web browser.

20.            Ctrl + Enter
When using the address bar, it adds the www and .com to typed word and goes to the address. For example, if you type latestsolution, and then press Ctrl + Enter, it becomes www.latestsolution.com and then it goes to the address.

21.                        Ctrl + F
Find typed text on webpage. You will press enter to go to the next position where typed text is showed.

22.            Alt + Home
Goes to the homepage of Vivaldi Web browser.

23.            F5
Refresh current tab

24.            Ctrl + S
Save current page or tab as

25.            Ctrl + P
Print current page or tab

26.            Ctrl + Shift + B
Show or Hide bookmark window

27.            Ctrl + D
Add a website or webpage to bookmark

28.            Ctrl + N
Open new Vivaldi Web Browser window.

29.            Alt + F4
Closes current Vivaldi Web Browser Window

30.            Shift + Esc
Opens task manager of the Vivaldi Web browser

31.            Alt + P
Settings of Vivaldi Web browser.

32.            F1
Open Vivaldi web Mail service.
These are all the Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys I think all Vivaldi Web browser user should know and use them while browsing the Web.
Which other important Keyboard shortcut do you think we left out? Comment below to enable us to add it to this ever growing list. Thanks

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Vivaldi - Keyboard Shortcut and Hotkeys
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