9 August 2016

UC Browser (UCWeb) - Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys

UC Browser (UCWeb) Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys

UC Browser (UCWeb) is a mobile browser software developed by UCWeb Inc. UC Browser (UCWeb) is a web browser that is majorly developed for mobile phones and smartphones.

UC Browser (UCWeb) was initially released in 2004 when the Company UCWeb Inc. was founded.
UC Browser (UCWeb)

UC Browser (UCWeb) is available for Java ME, Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Symbian Operating System.

We will be looking at the keypad shortcut and hotkeys present in UC Browser (UCWeb) in Java ME, Symbian and Blackberry Operating System every UC Browser (UCWeb) User is expected to know and master in order to navigate through the web browser faster, thereby resulting in greater productivity for the end user.

1.  Down arrow or Number 8
To move down within an opened webpage.

2.  Up arrow or Number 2
To move up within an opened webpage.

3. # + 0
Go to the Address bar of UC Browser (UCWeb)

4. # + 1
Open a link or Web link in a new tab

5. # + 2
To open the bookmark window in UC Browser (UCWeb).

6. # + 3
Go to the Left tab of the UC Browser (UCWeb).

7. # + 4
To add a webpage to bookmarks in UC Browser (UCWeb)

8. # + 5
To Search

9. # + 6
To close current tab in UC Browser (UCWeb).

10. # + 7
To go the file manager of the UC Browser (UCWeb).

11. # + 8
To select and copy text in a webpage in UC Browser (UCWeb)

12. # + 9
To go to the top or end of a webpage in UC Browser (UCWeb).

13. # + *
To toggle between images in UC Browser (UCWeb).

14. # + #
Full screen

15. 1 + 1
To open a new tab.

16. 1 + 2
To close a present tab.

17. 1 + 3
Select and copy a text on a webpage.

18. 1 + 4
To add to bookmarks

19. 1 + 5
To view page info, that is webpage info.

20. 1 + 6
To share a content to either twitter, Facebook and SMS.

21. 1 + 7
Save a web page.

22. 0
To go start page of UC Browser (UCWeb).

23. 3
To move between tab from right to left.

Yep, these are all the Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys I think all UC Browser (UCWeb) user should know and use them while browsing the Web.

Which other important Keyboard shortcut or hotkey do you think we left out? Comment below to enable us to add it to this ever growing list. Thanks

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UC Browser (UCWeb) - Keypad Shortcut and Hotkeys
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