16 September 2016

MPC HC - Change Aspect Ratio

How to change Aspect ratio using the MPC HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema)  using the right click while watching a video or a movie to an aspect ratio that is conformable to your screen or monitor

Aspect Ratio is an image attribute or characteristics that tells the dimension (relationship) between the width and height of an Image.

The Aspect ratio is mostly rectangular, but there are square based aspect ratio.

The Aspect ratio from its name entails that it is a ratio, which is in form of mathematical ratios, that is expressed by two numbers separated by a colon, for example 4:3.

If expressed as in the form x:y, x is the width, while y is the height, that is in the form
Width: height

Below are some popular aspect ratio and where they are used:

1:1: Square form
4:3(1.33:1): Traditional television screen or computer monitor standard
16:9(1.77:1): (HDTV) High definition Television, US digital broadcast TV standard, it is the most popular aspect ratio.
21:9: In use in theaters and cinemas.
16:10(1.6:1 or 8:5): Common Computer Screen ratio
1.85:1: Widescreen cinema standard especially in the US
21:9: in use in theaters and cinemas.
2.21:1: Used in cinemas
2.35:1: Widescreen cinema standard
2.39:1: For Cinema screen
5:4(1.25:1): Early television and large format computer formats

Using Right Click
Right Click on MPC HC Window, Click on Video Frame, then click on Override Aspect Ratio and select either default, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 1.85:1 or 2.35:1.
MPC HC aspect ratio using right click

Hope with this, you have been able to change the aspect ratio available on the MPC HC.

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MPC HC - Change Aspect Ratio
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